Behind the camera: Scott Fahs Feature

I just finished editing a production last week featuring the story of Scott and Cindy Fahs and I have to tell you; out of most of the productions I’ve put together, this was a true honor for me to work on. This man’s story of pain, healing, and grace just inspires me in such an incredible way.

As I sat behind the camera in the pre-production interview listening to the couple share their story, I just kept thinking to myself, “how is this man alive!?”

Scott and Cindy behind the camera are very happy and outgoing people who love to create conversation with everyone. However as you watch this video, you’ll see the side of Scott and Cindy that relives the nightmare they went through from 2002 through 2014.

This is a beautiful story of Scott Fahs who was at death’s door and finds life through his trust in God, strength and love from family, and generosity of friends.

Special thanks to my production team: Adam Dacheux, Chris Smith, Connie Michling, Steve Almquist, Ned Keene || And an extra special thanks to the Fahs Family for their willingness for us to come to their home and film their incredible story.

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