From Start to Finish – Music Production

As a musician and video producer, music to me plays a huge role in the success of any video production. Whether its movies, tv, corporate videos; music helps set the tone and feel. Which is why music is almost always the first step to my video creation process.

Before every video I edit, I ask myself, “How do I want the viewer to feel? Inspired? Excited? Compassionate?” Once I have that figured out, I’m then reminded of films I’ve seen that have made me feel that way. Or if I can’t think of any because of a ‘creative block’, I’ll use the greatest wrecking ball to knock that block down: the internet. There are so many sites to find inspiration from to get you going towards finding that perfect music composition.

The video below is an uncut demonstration of how I put a music composition together using Ableton Live from start to finish. Hope you enjoy it!

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