I am so excited to finally reveal the release of Flypager! It’s function? Church nurseries need a reliable way to communicate with parents if their child is upset and needs attention. Flypager is a web application built for church nursery volunteers giving them a panel to page parents or guardians through text messaging and/or digital signage. Go to to learn more!

Aviom Labeler

Aviom Labeler 1.0.4
A quick and simple solution to creating labels for the A-16ii model Aviom monitors. I built this application using flash, action script, html, javascript, and php server scripting. (FLASH IS REQUIRED)


Have a chord chart in the wrong key? Quickly transpose it using this tool! I built this application using html, php server scripting, javascript, and the equerry-chored-transposer engine.

Past Projects

Klickerz 2.0

Educational Quiz software I developed for the Training Master Inc. using their IR/RF hardware tech.

The Architect

Map making program I made for fun. Created for the hit game Worms Armageddon.

Kiosk Applications

I’ve developed software for both single and dual display kiosk systems.

Harness HD Video Kiosk

This video display system was used at the Farm Show Complex. People would use a keypad to type in a hip number to view a specific horse. This application was incredibly dynamic and engaging due to its friendly user interface and animations.

Garden Spot Auto Auction Bay Displayer

SongWorks Pro

An application I built using Visual Basic for worship teams to compile all their chord sheets. This program organized them and display the chord sheets in a “SHOW” mode that the band can follow.