Aviom Labeler 1.0.4 Update

Logins has been added to the Aviom Labeler! This update is significant because not only do your labels not run risk of being overwritten by others, but you also get a list view of all your personal labels! List view is enabled only when you sign in with an account.

Link: http://www.chrisperez.info/aviomlabeler

Screenshots below:

Login imageMyLabels Image

Aviom Labeler 1.0.3

Our church makes heavy use of Aviom’s personal mixers in all our worship venues. And at times, excel label templates can get lost in directories or sometimes overwritten when you don’t want them to be. So I wanted to alliviate this problem by building a tool that’s easily accessible, easy to use, and stores information to the cloud.

Introducing Aviom Labeler! The aviom labeler is a online labeling tool for the personal aviom mixers. Instantly create without any repetitive work involved. This online tool allows you to save your own templates to the cloud and access them through any flash enabled browser!

And its completely free!

Link: http://www.chrisperez.info/aviomlabeler